Alternative Types of Finance

A breakdown of different and alternative types of Bridging Finance

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Types of Finance

  • Acquistion Finance

    Bridging loans provide an excellent way for businesses to grow and expand, and are a flexible, fast-moving method for financing acquisitions.

  • Agricultural Finance

    Farmers and landowners need to know that they have a secure and stable form of funding, and agricultural finance is key to establishing a successful farm

  • Asset Finance

    Bridging loans play an important role in helping businesses to maximise efficiency, and we discuss why asset finance is a vital tool for commercial expansion

  • Auction Finance

    Bridging loans for auction finance are a crucial link for purchasing property at auction, enabling developers and landlords to complete purchases quickly

  • Bridging Finance

    Bridging loans are short-term financial solutions which are typically found in real estate and a common use is to purchase a property before a mortgage can be put in place.

  • Business Finance

    Businesses need access to fast, flexible finance solutions, and bridging finance is an exceptionally good fit to meet the needs of modern commerce

  • Buy to Let Finance

    Buy to let investment is still one of the most popular ways to acquire real estate, and bridging loans are a vital tool for securing rental properties

  • Commercial Finance

    Commercial finance requires a highly flexible and adaptable funding solution in order to meet changing demand, and bridging loans can provide this

  • Development Finance

    Reliable finance is a crucial part of any successful development project, and bridging lenders offer a wide variety of attractive products in this sector.

  • Insurance

    Insurance provides a vital safety net in all areas of life, and it’s important to understand what forms of insurance there are to ensure protection

  • Mortgage Finance

    Mortgages are widely used throughout the UK, and as a highly popular form of finance are one of the loans most people are likely to take out in their lifetime

  • P2P Lending

    P2P lending has become popular and widely trusted in the last few years. Many forms of finance are P2P-funded, and we examine P2P bridging finance offerings

  • Pension Planning

    A secure pension plan should be a cornerstone of any lifelong investment, as it provides substantial benefits when the holder reaches retirement age

  • Personal Loans

    A personal loan can be used for almost any purpose, and enables consumers to extend their financial reach and begin planning for the future

  • Probate Finance

    Bridging loans are hugely flexible and may be put to a variety of uses; one common use is to help resolve probate issues when concluding a will.

  • Savings Accounts

    Keeping money safe and productive is a priority for many people, and the different options from ISAs to bonds to traditional accounts provide different benefits

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