Vitvo is a bridging finance provider which focuses on providing highly adaptable bridging loans for the light and heavy refurbishment of residential properties


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Vitvo is a highly specialised bridging lender that offers flexible refurbishment bridging loans for a variety of purposes. Clients can use Vitvo’s exceptional expertise and experience to develop a bespoke lending solution that meets their unique requirements, enabling them to maximise profits whilst keeping their projects on track.

Vitvo’s core offering consists of bridging loans for light refurbishment and heavy refurbishment, as well as standard bridging loans for purchasing residential property. This makes Vitvo an ideal lender for developers who are purchasing HMOs or Buy-to-Let property, as it can enable them to quickly and smoothly complete their purchases and begin refurbishment work.

Vitvo understands the need for developers to act quickly in a competitive market, and this lender is able to offer extremely fast finance. When opportunities can slip away in a matter of hours, it’s important to have a lender who can work fast and give you a firm answer. Vitvo is able to provide a decision in principle in just 1 hour, and the streamlined nature of this lender’s organisation means that every deal gets the approval of one of the company’s owners - this is a lender that’s not afraid to stand by what they say, and which is returning bridging finance to the slick, streamlined process it once was.

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