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The House Crowd is a highly innovative peer-to-peer bridging finance platform that enables borrowers to access flexible, high-quality lending


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Whether you’re a property developer, a private investor, a business in need of additional cash or just a homeowner looking to complete their new purchase, access to fast and stable finance is a lynchpin of success. HC Finance is a new and highly innovative lender operating in the bridging sector, specialising in providing swift, competitive lending for a wide variety of applications.

HC Finance, part of The House Crowd, is a peer-to-peer funded bridging lender, which means that the loans on offer from this lender are financed by a large pool of different individuals. What this means for borrowers is that loans can often be approved in an extremely short space of time, because each investor’s exposure to risk is very limited, and many investment portfolios are at least partly automated. This allows HC Finance to escalate loans from application to approval in just a few days, with loans typically being fully funded shortly thereafter. Acting quickly is key in many situations, and HC Finance’s ability to work within their client’s often pressured timescales is invaluable.

HC Finance provides loans for everything from new builds to auction purchase, and offers cash flow solutions for business as well. The flexibility and adaptability of HC Finance as a lender makes them a great first choice for borrowers in any industry.

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